The City-States


The most northerly city, Barone's citizenry have a long martial tradition from centuries of war with the Celts and the Jotun. It was the efforts of General Bourgeau de Barone and Master Archanist Da Vinci that saw the Jotun warbands driven back and the Celtic tribes pacified in a series of wars that showcased the power of modern technology. 

Barone has the largest clockwork population in the world, including an all-clockwork militia and whole districts of the city turned over to the clockworks. Although it does have a small professional army, mercenaries still find ready work with the City Watch and the ruling Council of Eight


The port city of Cariati is the chief trading port of the civilised lands. Run by the Honourable Guild of Merchants and Tradesmen and lacking any professional military, it is a regular source of contracts of all varieties. 

The City-States

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