The most dominant, if not the most numerous species, the culture of the city-states revolves around humans. All of the nobility are human, as well as most of the wealthy commoners, and the word of a human is always worth more than that of any of the 'lesser races'.


A parasitic species that lives on the scraps of civilisation, tolerated only when they are of use and culled whenever it is seen as expedient. Unable to own property and afforded no rights, they are the lowest of the low.


Strong but stupid, orcs are moderately common in the city-states. Though valued for their raw strength and holding basic legal rights, most are in some form of indentured servitude or outright slavery. 


An ancient race driven from their northern homelands and now on the brink of extinction, dwarves are afforded the same rights as humans. Their insular sub-culture leads to a certain amount of mutual suspicion, but they are still viewed much more favourably than most non-human races.


Clockwork men are usually property, and are treated as such, although recent rulings from the high court that clockwork men hold the same status as the creature their soul was taken from means that not all are beholden to a master. 

Changelings  are a little-understood creation of the fey, animated sticks and grass left in place of a stolen baby. They are exceptionally rare in the city states, where the iron and fire of technology are anathema to their magic, but some few do still seek their fortune there. When discovered, they are usually lynched long before the authorities can decide which crimes to execute them for.


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